Unlock the potential of on-chain communication

Create wallet-to-wallet communication apps as easily as building a Lego set in a multichain world
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Ylide perfectly fits for any case

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True interoperability

Generalized messaging for any type of communication that is open to integration by design and compatible with other apps
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Flexible monetisation

Financial transactions with arbitrary logic: subscriptions, pay per transaction and split payments
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Web3 architecture

Decentralized storage, E2E encryption, no more hosting — pay once, and a smart contract will work without interruption
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Secure and open-source

Audited, verified by numerous clients and available to be verified by you
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Blockchain agnostic

A multi- and cross-chain solution with optimal routing inside with clear customization management if needed
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Something really new

Send your users actionable messages acting as a one-click checkout button, pay them to see ads, and countless other possibilities that we haven't even thought of yet

Get the turnkey solution

Ylide provides you with a full-cycle technical solution to focus on your clients, not coding


Implement solutions fast without blockchain development, and focus on what really matters
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Smart contracts

Access a constantly increasing number of predetermined scenarios such as mail contracts, subscription contracts or payment contracts.

Admin tools

Employ a no-code UI that helps manage and flexibly configure your contracts.
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Pre-built templates

Use our library of open-source solutions covering different cases.
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Ylide supports a variety of use cases

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Platforms for creators

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Wallet-to-wallet communication

Blogs, news and forums

Blogs, news & forums

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DAO communications

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Customer support

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Marketing and Ads

...and even more use cases as the communication on web3 is a genuine innovation
Explore more use cases

Ylide is built with people in mind

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We offer personalized plans while the core technology is free

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